A lot of successful people attribute at least part of their success to having mentors and positive role models who have helped guide their direction into the future.

Mentoring a child, especially through their teenage years can help empower them and build their self confidence, allowing them to become the best that they can be. Through consistent guidance, support and encouragement, mentors help young people set goals and achieve them.

As we strive toward the next generation of leaders, we hear firsthand from some of the Bokamoso mentors, who are inspiring positive change in our country through mentoring, why being mentors to Bokamoso children is important to them…

Sarah Hesse, mentor to Maria Ndlovu

Mentoring Maria (10) has been such a rich and rewarding experience. Over time we have managed to build up a great relationship and we are starting to have good conversations around current affairs, South Africa, family values and behaviours that are acceptable. The Youth of this country have so much to look forward to. Their minds are enquiring and their potential is amazing.

In order for South Africa to move forward we need to forget the past and focus on the future. It’s the youth that holds this key. As educated working South Africans it’s so important for us to guide these clever little brains down the right path. Help them navigate the tough environment of a 2019 school day and show them how to focus on the future so it’s bright for everyone.

Michele Katz, mentor to Prizelle Mafuba

I love being a mentor to Prizelle. I have known her for almost a year now and what has become most special to me is the bond of trust that has grown between us. It means so much to me that she values our time together and she makes me feel that I am making a difference.

One of my passions is to help guide school leavers into the next stage of their lives, whether that be study or work options, and I have the privilege of navigating this journey with Prizelle who is currently completing her term 2, Grade 11 exams. As we face (together) what her career after high school will hold for her, we are both learning about what options are out there, how to embrace the decisions that need to be made and how to action the next steps.

I strongly believe there is a massive gap when it comes to educating school leavers. They very often don’t know about the array of choices open to them and how to match up their strengths / passions with various tertiary study options and this is vital for the ongoing career eco-system. I hope in my small way, just to make just the tiniest bit of impact by helping my extraordinary mentee.”

John Roux, mentor to Mathias Ndlovu, Thokozani Mncube and Nkosinathi Mnguni

It is a privilege being able to sow into the young lives of my mentees.I am so grateful to have bonded and been accepted so readily by them. And to gain their trust and openness thus far. It is wonderful to be able to challenge them to try and reach higher.

I have probably benefited more than the boys through the experience – I always go away after meetings with them with hope for the future.

I’ve been really encouraged by their positive attitude towards their circumstances and families and I have loved getting a glimpse of life through the eyes of young people from a different cultural background.

Being a mentor is a crucial added dimension in the chain of stakeholders in young lives. It is an added place to be able to tell stories and share thoughts, challenges and joys. It also exposes youth to different ways of thinking. It is a place where questions can be asked that would not be easy to find answers to at home or school.

Investing in the youth is critically important to creating hope and a future in young lives, which can be achieved through an investment of time and effort. It also demonstrates extraordinary care and interest, which should result in extraordinary outcomes.

Thank you to our mentors. The impact your time and investment is having on these children’s lives is invaluable.

Mentoring involves meeting your mentee every week or alternate week for an hour  – which make so much difference in our children . If you too would like more information about mentoring please contact us.